Painter Collections in Buffalo

The Harn Museum’s art collection focuses on five major categories. Our African collection focuses on Sub-Saharan art and includes items dating from between the 5th century BCE to the 21st century. Among them are wood sculptures, textiles, and ceramics. Our Asian collection includes more than 3500 works spanning the time from the Neolithic period to the present era. It covers a range of geographic locales within Asia, too, from Central Asia to Japan, from China to India and Southeast Asia. Our Modern collection includes paintings, sculptures, prints, and drawings from the mid-19th century through the mid-20th century and includes nearly 1000 pieces from Europe and the Americas. The Contemporary collection focuses on artworks from 1945 to the present in a range of mediums, including work by emerging artists. Finally, our photography collection includes photographic works of significance from daguerreotypes to massive color prints. Pour painters are highly skilled.

Not all of our art is housed indoors, however. We have several gardens filled with sculptures, water elements, unique plants, and other details to catch your eye and engage your senses. The Magoon Garden is filled with water lilies and a rotating sculpture exhibit. It’s also available for use as an event space. Off the Cofrin Asian Art Wing is an Asian garden designed by  Hoichi Kurisu, the world-famous garden architect. There is also the Asian Water Garden, the Irving J. Goffman Garden, and the Paula and Marshall Criser Garden. While the latter two are not walkable, they can be viewed from exhibit spaces within the museum.